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“Dr. José María Luis Mora” Research Institute
The mission of Dr. José María Luis Mora Institute is:
• To carry out world class research in history and social sciences;
• To provide academic programs with a high level of excellence;
• To share scientific knowledge pertaining to its field of studies;
• To preserve and enrich the bibliographic heritage under its custody;
• To publish the results of its own research and other history and social sciences works; and,
• To promote culture.

It focuses on academic research on the history of Mexico, the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean from the 18th to the 20th centuries. It has one of the most important specialized libraries in its field, an editorial catalog of over 400 titles, academic journals and magazines for the general public, one of them recognized for its excellence by Mexico’s National Council for Science and Technology (CONACyT). In addition, it offers lectures, seminars, workshops, specialization courses and various other cultural activities, especially on visual arts, music, theater and film.

Reserch Line
• Political History
• Economic History
• Social and Cultural History
• Urban and Regional History
• International Studies and History
• Oral History
• Political and Economic Sociology
• International Cooperation for Development

Academic Programs
Master’s in Political Sociology. It is one of Mexico’s Postgraduate programs of excellence, which belongs to the National Council for Science and Technology. Founded on November 1982, the Mora Institute Master’s program in Political Sociology is a joint effort with the National University of Mexico’s Institute for Social Research. The Master’s program is devoted to consolidate the formation of students in the field of Political Sociology, preparing them for either the academic or professional environments.
Master’s in Regional Studies. It belongs to CONACyT’s National Graduate Program of international quality level. The Master’s in Regional Studies started in 1985 with the aim of consolidating a top-level environment for the formation of human resources in Social Sciences specializing in Territorial Analysis. The program is a joint effort with the National University’s Institute for Social Research.
Master’s in Modern and Contemporary History. It is one of Mexico’s Graduate programs of excellence, which belongs to the National Council for Science and Technology. This graduate program is aimed at transforming its students into history teachers and period researchers, having as a starting point the analysis and review of the most recent academic contributions on the subject. It specializes in the study of modern and contemporary Mexican history and offers an opportunity to delve deeper in the history of other regions of the continent. It consists of a set of general courses on the theory of history, Mexican historiography, Mexican history, Caribbean and Latin American history and the history of the United States.
Master’s in International Cooperation. It is one of Mexico’s Graduate programs of excellence, which belongs to the National Council for Science and Technology. The Master’s in International Cooperation for Development is a program whose main objective is preparing professionals in the area of international cooperation. The program combines theory with practice in a wide universe of institutions and organizations; it furthers research on the exercise of cooperation for development, and contributes to produce ethical individuals committed to building a world environment that is both, more equitable and fair.
Doctoral degree in Modern and Contemporary History. It is one of Mexico’s Graduate programs of excellence, belonging to both the National Council for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education.

Its objective is forming top-level professionals capable of conducting original historical research and teaching undergraduate and graduate courses. Professionals capable of critical thought on past and present events, able to analyze today’s problems, from an historical point of view. Likewise, it seeks to prepare teachers and researchers with a solid general basis of knowledge, with a sound theoretical background and ample methodological instruments, open to other disciplines and to new currents in history and the social sciences.

Outreach and International Office

The outreach and international office offers seminars and distance education programs as well as a specialized bookstore. This office is in charge of establishing, evaluating and following up the Institute’s agreements with other institutions, of promoting and carrying out special fundraising projects for cultural and academic activities and encouraging the use of technology in academic and research activities.

General Information:
Plaza Valentín Gómez Farías 12
Barrio de San Juan Mixcoac
03730, México, D.F.
Phone: (55) 5598 3777
Fax: (55) 5563 7162